THE real (LUX) deal.


We are here only to sell our clients products. And when we say selling, it means also recognition, appearance or whatever effect you are looking for your products, company, tourism destination, party, campaign, country or your good cause like NGO. Especially we work with the ones with more complexity in terms of technology, manufacturing, materials, segments and customers. Also sometimes quite luxurious you might say – anything from limited edition handcrafted products, five star hotels, exclusive hospitality products and airlines, drinks, diamonds, watches, fashion and beyond. In Europe, Asia, Middle-East, North-America. South-America and beyond. Please contact us for additional information.

And that won’t happen just by doing nice advertisements or campaigns. First you need to do your homework, research, observe, understand and realize. With old-time and modern data. Then it is time for some creative action. We do all that and we do it globally with some selected customers only and always with highly tailored exclusive boutique touch.

Simply making sure our luxurious clients sell and achieve more, communicate more with their most unique clients. Old fashion? Well, it is all up to you whether you want to sell more and get more results done, or not. We certainly wouldn’t call that old fashion.

Why do you advertise or run marketing campaings?

Advertising and marketing is there to sell and reach more and that is the only reason of existence for any advertising agency in this world. It is not about that hungry aim and passion to test all the latest gadgets and technology in your next campaign but doing the right things at the right time and even in the right place. And that you won’t know if you start your campaign by choosing the channels first, digital or very analogical.

Advertising should always be done by understanding and knowledge about customers and their behaviour. Where they are and when? How they buy and why? And that is why we think first and act then. Not the vice versa. You can and you must be creative but not too quickly. And especially when your customers are part of a limited and selective group expecting a certain touch of communication.

Whether you are running a country or big corporation, your own company or NGO you need to sell more to grow. And that is exactly what we are doing with our clients. Also in selected and limited forms.

We know how even the most complicated and luxurious products will be flying around the world. Just in case you work somewhere between diamonds and gold, five star or boutique hotels and first class flights or just manufacturing the most unique products for the most unique customers – give us a call and we shall fly to tell you more. We know how to talk with you customer wherever they might be.

We are the real deal. 


we listen

Lottery is a game of luck. And sometimes you do pretty well in your life with just luck. And you might get lucky even in advertising and business.  But when you are running with luck only you take risks with price tags. You pay for advertising that works only if you are lucky, not because it is the right way. You don’t run your business with luck so why would you pay to your advertising partner for a lottery ticket with your money? We’re listening both digital and traditional way.


we know

If you don’t know your client’s products you won’t ever get to know the person who buys it either. If you don’t use the product you can’t know the user. If you don’t listen the users you won’t know how they talk about the products. There is only one right way to do advertising that talks, listen and sells. And especially when you work with tailored exclusive & limited products or services.

You need to know.  And we know how you will know.


we act

Advertising that sells is not only about those funny ads, natty words or professional big data mining. Your actions needs to be planned and targeted to the right people and served in a way that inspires them. Not you, your spouse, your CMO, your marketing team or your advertising agency. You need to be insightful in everything you to create advertising that sells.

And that is what we do. .

“Funny ad and natty words are never the guaranteed solutions for selling advertising. You need to be creative but you need know how, when and where. Telling great stories or funny jokes to the wrong audience never works, doesn’t it. We all have that had experience.”

“Lottery is certainly game of luck. But advertising is game of skills. If you want to use advertising that sells you need to hire someone who knows how to do it, not just someone who plays lottery with your money. It’s all about data & knowledge!”

“If you don’t know the product you cannot do any advertising for it. You should never hire any advertising agency who doesn’t do their homework and know your product. Being lazy is not an acceptable attitude in advertising either and you should not pay for it.”
“You should never estimate the efficiency of your advertising with trophies and stories about your campaign published in marketing magazines, it is only the concrete results that counts. Did you sell more or not? Did you get more clients or not? Why in earth you would use advertising for anything else?”
“When you are picking up a new advertising agency don’t let just your managers to do it, do it by yourself. If you are the owner or CEO of your own company, you should call the same guys of the agency. The perfect marriage with your advertising agency starts with the blocks of commitment and cooperation.”



Advertisements for your campaigns in newspapers, magazines, digital platforms, brochures, stands and all other basic elements you might ever need to boost your sells.

Graphic design, logos, brand manuals, packaging, POS.  You name it. And you still these, whatever the IT consultants might be saying to you.


Whether you a small company or big international corporation we build you the right and modern online presences. We can also deliver you a turn-key solution including the content, management and data analysis services. We have been breathing data, big and small, for years already.

get global

We have been getting global with our clients for decades and probably in more places than most of our competitors. We know how to take your products or company to new markets and beyond. We plan, produce and build you the tools that your expanding international activities need. Also within very selective VIP target groups.


We can deliver you all the solutions for digital marketing and campaigns on social media. Our focus is to create tailored, professional and definitely working solutions enabling real commitment among the target group. We talk about commitment, not just clicks, and hard data mining and analysis. Also for the most luxurious products in the world.

ready to shop

Shop, boutique, customer service desk, one shelf, rack or online shop. Those are all part of your business, putting everything you talked into a concerete form which sells too. If it is done in a pofessional way, in both physical or online form.

More high-end you might get, more luxurious you want to show, we are there for you.

meet your customer

The way you meet you customers, the way they meet you. Did they leave happy or unhappy? Are they coming back tomorrow or ever? These are key elements of modern business and we have the tools to make those even better in both physical and digital platforms.

Why us?

Use advertising that sells. And hire an advertising agency who knows how to do it. Just creativity without experience and knowledge of business and trade is worthless so don’t pay for that. We produce advertising that sells and we do carefully consider all the moves we do for our clients, not just guessing. We believe that you would simply deserve an agency that helps you to sell more. And next time you are looking for an advertising agency please ask yourself:

Have your ad agencies boosted your sales? They should have.


We are a family business because we believe in families. Family is all about power, relations, communication, engagement and commitment and that is how we work with our clients. We do what we promised to do.

We come from a family with centuries of entrepreneurship and companies, three decades of experience with the advertising and marketing of the world’s biggest brands, retailers and advertising agencies and covered that with the best possible knowledge of the latest digital world. Six car brands in ten countries, giants of the mobile world business, media companies and technology, finance and banks, real retail and energy, super luxurious products and VIP targeting, travel and tourism, world’s most famous drinks and best hospitality, locals and globals – all our experience is based on one fundamental angle: advertising that sells.

But you should never hire an advertising agency based on what they did before and even for your competitors. You need to ask them what they can do for you and for your products. Give us a call and we can talk more.


contact us

We are here in Scandinavia, US and Asia to help you, so please contact us and we can talk more.


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